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Contact Eat Right Montana

Eat Right Montana Coalition
PO Box 21551
Billings, MT 59104

Board of Directors

  • Carmen Byker, Chair (Assistant Professor, Montana State University)
  • Katie Bark, Co-Chair (Team Nutrition Project Director, Montana State University)
  • Chris Fogelman, Treasurer (Breastfeeding Coordinator, Montana WIC Program, Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services)
  • Carrie Benke, Secretary (Extension Project Director, Montana State University)
  • Terry Miller, Member at Large (Senior Breastfeeding Consultant for NAPA)
  • Rebecca Morley, Member at Large (Eat Smart Missoula Coordinator, Community Health Specialist, Missoula County Health Department)

Contact the Board of Directors Chair, Carmen Byker, at carmen.byker@montana.edu or (406) 994-1952.Carmen Byker

Contact the Breastfeeding Committee, Senior Breastfeeding Consultant for NAPA Terry Miller, tmiller@mt.gov, Terry Miller


Montana Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Montana Nutrition and Physical Activity Program

Montana Partnership to End Childhood Hunger

National Alliance for Nutrition and Physical Activity

National Center for Safe Routes to Schools