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A coalition promoting healthy
eating and active lifestyles
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Contact Eat Right Montana

Eat Right Montana Coalition
PO Box 21551
Billings, MT 59104

Board of Directors

  • Kim Pullman, Chair (Wellness Coordinator, State of MT)
  • Katie Bark, Co-Chair (Team Nutrition Project Director, Montana State University)
  • Lisa Linday, Treasurer (Dietitian, St. Vincent Healthcare)
  • Carrie Benke, Secretary (4-Health Project Director, Montana State University)
  • Carmen Byker, Member at Large (Assistant Professor, Montana State University)
  • Rebecca Morley, Member at Large (Eat Smart Missoula Coordinator, Community Health Specialist, Missoula County Health Department)  Phone 406-258-3827

Contact the Board of Directors Chair, Kim Pullman, at kpullman@mt.gov or (406) 444-3809.

Contact the MT Action for Healthy Kids Committee Co-Chairs, Molly Stenberg, stenberg@montana.edu or Suzie Eades, suzie@bigskygames.org.

Contact the Breastfeeding Committee Interim coordinator, Lynn Hellenga, at lhellenga@montana.edu.